The GoodNeighbr Project 

and what we do

The GoodNeighbor Project was founded in 2021 by a group of university students who felt there was a need for more community action against homelessness in Prince George’s County, Maryland. 

Our mission is to connect people that are homeless with services that can aid them. We also directly participate in community efforts to alleviate homelessness by partnering with various organizations to host service events. Our organization is based on grassroots community action, with support from volunteers, community leaders, non-profits, and legislators.

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Service Events

We host monthly service events with our partners in the DMV area, which includes soup kitchens, shelters, churches, food drives, political events, and more.

Social Club

We also host monthly social events for anyone in the community, whether or not they are affiliated with GoodNeighbr. These events consist of picnics, book clubs, move nights, and more.


Lastly, our organization creates educational materials on current resources available to people that are unhoused. These resources may include shelters, food, insurance, VA assistance, and mental health resources.

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