Matthew Salerno


Matthew Salerno is a junior and a double major in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and Computer Science. He is most interested in decolonizing the western episteme and analyzing the roots of shared belief systems. He wants to work on deconstructing the idea of social justice and addressing systemic oppression through collective action. He is fascinated by our prescriptivist tendencies and overreliance on racist science and wants to be more skeptical towards our held knowledge.

He has research experience in criminal justice and policing reform, where he helped create a juvenile diversion “blueprint.” He has worked on policies to address the digital divide in low-income school districts. He also works at a nonprofit dedicated to better connecting communities with nature and each other.

He believes the pandemic has highlighted the dearth of digital activities available to some social strata and wants to work on a strategy that strives to correct that.

Additionally, he manages a team as a Software Engineer for the University of Maryland, Department of IT.

Archana Singh

Executive Vice President; Secretary

Archana Singh is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Spanish Language, Culture, and Professional Contexts. She aspires to become a physician with interests in sustainability, research, and global health. She is a certified phlebotomist with the American Society of Clinical Pathology and currently volunteers with the Maryland Medical Reserve Corps to provide emergency COVID-19 aid. 

She co-founded the GoodNeighbr Project to help alleviate suffering in the DMV area, where she has grown up her entire life.

In her spare time, Archana enjoys gardening and cultivating fruits, vegetables, and herbs. She also enjoys music, particularly playing the piano. 





Our Amazing volunteers

The Backbone of Our Organization

We couldn’t do half of what we do here if it wasn’t for our awesome volunteers. Many of our volunteers first get involved with our organization by attending social events to learn about what we do. Once interested, they sign up to volunteer at our service and community events. 

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, send us an email at [email protected]!

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